Ministry of Motion is a family run business and is how we make our living – it is not a hobby that we don’t care about as much as our ‘proper’ jobs. What is a “Second Life” to many people is indeed very much first life to us. As such, we really do sincerely value our customers. Your satisfaction is and has to be our primary goal and with the invaluable help of Razi Semple in world, we try to achieve that. But at times business in SL can be a distancing experience, buying things from an anonymous source, not knowing who you are dealing with, feeling disappointment and frustration at mis-deliveries and poor communications. Anonymity can afford alienation.

With this in mind, we were struck by a note card we received from “Dance Queens” a couple of months ago. In it the group listed a number of suggestions for animation makers to make shopping and enjoyment of animations a much more satisfying experience. Reading it again and surveying other visitors to the sim has helped us to re-centre our goals on you, the customer. We sat down and listened to what was being said and as a result, we have completely redesigned our sim and method of distribution.

1. The sim is now set out in a more grid / block like layout, with categories that seem to best match people’s searches.

2. Most extraneous scripting has been removed as has much superfluous prim design, while endeavouring to keep the island visually pleasant and being able to maintain the sale of some non-animation objects, though nearly all of these are animation related – such as mocap animated guitars, drums, congas and animals with dance animations within them. What scripts are used, are very low lag.

3. Each dance pod has an additional “search” prim on its side, so that no matter wherever you are, you can access the MoM webpage easily, find the exact animation you are after and teleport directly to it.

4. Animations now have their exact length contained in their description. When the animation is in your inventory, right click it, select properties and in the ‘description’ you will find the how long that animation is. All this information is now also listed on this webpage here and is also in the title name of each animation pod.

5. All animations now have modify perms so you can change the name to suit the many different naming criteria used by the plethora of huds out there.

One thing we are unable to do is to make all animations in the same category move to the same beats per minute. Many of them do, but as a whole, this is just too impractical because a) Intrinsically, dance speeds within a category vary greatly, different ballet dances, for instance, naturally move to different bpm as do all Michael Jackson dances.
b) Customers want a variety of speeds. C) We use different dancers using different music at different times

There is one matter that needs clearing up and that is to do with crashes on the sim with the Phoenix viewer. This problem was fixed over six months ago with the wonderful help of the Phoenix team themselves and was due to a corrupted texture on the sim. Phoenix has no problems here now whatsoever.

Second Life is a vivid and exciting environment and reflects the full diversity of people and personalities as in the material world within which we physically exist. As such, we try very hard to please everyone of you to the best of our abilities and genuinely want you to enjoy our animations and builds. We want to feel proud that other people endorse our hard work simply by using our products.

Oh, and don’t forget, every animation is made by pixies and wrapped in silk paper by elves, sealed with a kiss from us and coated in chocolate – enjoy!


All The Very Best,


Nomasha Syaka